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Python Nominated in Top 5 software

In this article, we will see based on the statistics of recent years and the best studies which would be good options if what interests us is to obtain an opportunity with an attractive salary, with which programming language is most likely to reach that great opportunity.
Despite what we think there are very notable variations, for example in Germany all surveys give the best paid to developers with Java (the 6 polls consulted show the same); In the case of the USA, for example, Java does not appear in the first 2 options, although it does appear in the first 5.
Not only surveys were consulted that explicitly state which language was the best paid, but also aspects such as the following:

  • Average salary
  • Popular styles
  • Languages with greater growth
  • Hourly
  • Industries
  • Work offers

As you can see, we use different variables to be able to give a point of view based on more information. We use sites such as StackOverflow, Github, Tiobe, and others that make this type of information public.

Best paid language # 5. Go:
Go is probably one of the programming languages with more reflectors in recent years (Google is a great help to make this language accessible). Go could be in a couple of years in a better position without problems, the detail by which we put it at the beginning of the count is that in the USA in several statistics appears as the highest paid language. So we can say that in the USA no doubt is a worthwhile language, but outside the USA it falls drastically (in some cases under the top 5 and some other it hardly enters the top 10), probably because of the type of companies and approaches. We know that many of the technologies first take force in the USA and then in the rest of the world, so it should not surprise us that in some years this language is one of the best paid in the world.

Best paid language # 4 Perl:
This is one of the languages that cost us the most to convince us to place it, we can say that it was the culprit to make us review more statistics but when reviewing the numbers, Perl must coldly appear yes or yes.
Perl does not have a lot of jobs; this was the most significant doubt. But it always appeared in the Top 5 of the highest paid languages, within the USA, in Latin America and Europe, especially in the USA and Europe.
The number of jobs, as mentioned, is quite low, we can say that in normal cases you find 10 or 20 jobs with Javascript or PHP per 1 of Perl, but probably that Perl job is much better paid than the highest salary of Javascript or PHP.
Perl over time has shown a significant salary increase, that is to say, that ten years ago the salary was, to say one amount, 1 USD and ten years later 10 USD. This means that it has constant growth and shows no signs that the salaries remain there because if the graphs are followed, the payment for this language will continue to increase. Remember that for us to see something different first, there should be a slowdown and Perl keeps growing steadily.
The detail with this language is that the demand for it does not increase either, that is, at least in the US and Europe the amount is almost the same, but Latam is the only area where we see an increase in demand, and unfortunately it is also the area where Perl has his lowest salaries
An annual Perl salary in the USA can be 60,000 models, and in LATAM it can drop to around 20,000 deals, even with this it is an excellent salary for Latam, but it has a big difference compared to other languages inside and outside the USA.

Best paid language # 3 Python:
In recent years Python ceased to be just a popular language in the world of Startups and became a well-paid language with high demand. The fashion of python seems that it was for good and above all speaking in salary question. From this Top 5 list, we can say that Python is going to be the most popular language we are going to find.
It is one of the languages with the least change in salary between geographical areas. The detail that we can observe with python and that is to call attention is that it has remained in the wages for a few years already. That is to say that the salaries in python do not increase, but neither decrease, they are the most stable with time, and the supply of jobs continues to grow in 2 areas mainly, USA and LATAM.
Another detail that made us put him in this position is that he does not enter any statistics between the first 2 or 3 languages, in no statistics he has places of honor, but he always walks in the Top 5 regardless of the area or irrespective of the years.

Best paid language # 2 Ruby
Ruby has, in a way a behavior very similar to Python, also had a hectic time where he became handsome of the film, but it was very little compared to Python.
Ruby has something that made us put it in position two which is the amount of employment. In the USA it seems to be in high demand if we compare it with other languages. Ruby is one of the most requested words for remote work very well paid for the United States. We could say that Ruby is always an excellent option to have a job from home, and many developers are working thanks remotely to this language, and the most important thing is that this continues to increase.
As we can see, Ruby has many active things; the bad thing is that he does not have a lot of jobs like others.

Best paid language # 1 Java:
Java has a constant, in all the lists we will see it in the top 3, most used languages, highest paid languages, etc. Java does not appear in position 1 of salaries in all lists, but it does appear in the first three positions. The sharpest detail is that Java is already ten years old with these positions of first places, languages come, and communications are going, but Java is kept in areas of honor, that is why we have chosen to place Java as the highest paid language. Java has two critical details, although I’m only going to share one for now:
The developer who knows Java in depth can work with Java for server applications, for client applications or Android apps. That’s why we are going to find a lot of jobs, we can assure without problems that Java is one of the languages that most Job offers have, but the best thing of all is that the proposals are the best paid. Languages like PHP and Javascript we know that they have many suggestions but finding a high salary range is hard work, in the case of Java we understand that all have a relatively high starting point compared to all languages. So java is the honorable number 1.